Warehouse management system (miniLVS)

Warehouse management system (miniLVS)

Westernacher Poland created a warehouse management system (miniLVS) dedicated to Engelhorn company. The system supports all activities of warehouse personnel. Every warehouse employee is equipped with „handheld“ mobile device that supports their activities concerning receiving goods in designated locations, fulfilling orders etc.

Thanks to MiniLVS application working online, warehouse personnel has access to the current data including complete list of products and their locations. Every single change in products quantity or location is immediately transferred to the central warehouse system.

Warehouse order execution is based on the warehouse documents, that are generated on the handheld device after barcode scanning and contains proper quantity and location of products. The system then indicates the shortest route of goods collection.

MiniLVS warehouse management system is based on .NET technology, works on Windows CE platform, stores data on MS SQL server and uses web service for data transfer.

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