Time Managenent

Time management and schedule planning

Westernacher Poland created a complete time management system dedicated to Securitas Group in Poland. Customer goal was to find a solution covering the following restrictions:
  • balanced staffing and time of work,
  • different types of changes in work schedules,
  • flexible and intuitive tool for managers and directors, responsible for work scheduling,
  • license for unlimited number of users (costs!)

Implementation results: Benefits of dedicated time management system implemented in Securitas Poland:
  • reduced time and efficiency of planning process,
  • increase Securitas customers satisfaction,
  • provide a short-term shift management mechanism that balances the interests between company and the employee – vacation, rest, etc.,
  • transparent and common rules for all employees according to the work schedules, personnel is informed about new rules of work scheduling to avoid situations where employees feel treated unequally,
  • authorised users have an access to the preview of the schedule during the planning process, system allows a real-time control on the process after logging into intranet system.

Thanks to implementing this solution, we can better plan and schedule the shifts for employees working in many different locations. As a result, after the first three months, we have noticed explicit stabilization and growth in company’s economic performance – says Robert Głuszak – The new system has also a direct influence on increasing the security of employment management.

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