Signo – mobile sales and team management

Signo – mobile sales and team management

Signo is an advanced system supporting management of remote network of sales representatives working outside the office. The system consist of central application installed on the server and customers programs installed on the mobile devices such as palmtop, smartphone, notebook, netbook or tablet. Data is synchronised and exchanged via the internet.
In addition, software provides analytical functions allowing generating various reports concerning employees and sales representatives activity, customers, suppliers and products rankings, sales statistics and much more.

Signo benefits:
  • faster orders execution,
  • creates precise product analysis on the market,
  • ability to easily determine the best dealers and points of sales according to various criteria,
  • improve efficiency of sales tools, such as car or POS materials,
  • remote access to the customer data and specifications from the main database. Central application

Central (server) application is a database of the system and provides useful management tools, that enables to control sales representatives work and analyse the flow of market information. Thanks to Signo and customer’s ERP system integration, it becomes possible to analyse collected data and directly compare it with actual sales. Moreover, the server part contains call-centre and customer service support module.

Central application functionality:
  • Files incl. SR, customer, product lists, etc.
  • Route design
  • Visit reports
  • Accounting for used advertising materials
  • Fixed assets on the customer’s premises
  • Sales budgets
  • Questionnaire polls
  • Defining promotional schemes, such as a product from a list, minimum purchase threshold, obligatory product group
  • Defining tasks for SR
  • Text messaging
  • Automatically sending out orders to external suppliers bfax, e-mail
  • Exchanging data with the mobile application
  • Managing call centre operations
  • Analyses, time series, ranking lists for SR, customers, suppliers, etc.
  • Exchanging data with the ERP system

Mobile application

Mobile application installed on the mobile devices (palmtop, smartphone, notebook, tablet) is used by sale representatives to collect orders, gather marketing information concerning products, customers and competition and to schedule their daily work. It also provides necessary information to make the right business decisions regarding overdue invoices, payments, customer sales statistics etc. In addition it enables to improve work organization by creating customers meeting calendar. Having internet connection, it is possible to exchange information with the database easily.

Mobile application functionality:
  • Individual SR files
  • Route design and keeping records of distances travelled
  • Customer registration
  • Collection of new orders
  • Visit history
  • Collection of marketing information
  • Customer polls
  • Changes to sales budgets
  • Managing advertising materials and fixed assets issued to customers
  • Debt collection
  • Online or offline information, such as overdue invoices, overdue payments, sales documents
  • Wireless exchange of data with the central application.

Our customers:

Aflofarm, Brok, CB Sp. z o.o., Izolbet, J.J. Darboven, Naturprodukt, Philips, SSL Healthcare.

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