Sales Offers Management

Sales Offers Management

We have created a complete offers management system dedicated to the Pipelife Poland company. The system integrates entire process, starting from the preliminary offer, through fixing details (discounts, margins etc.), approval of a competent personnel depending on the amount, profit margin etc., before sending approved offer to the ERP system (in this case SAP ERP but the solution can be used with other ERP systems)

Sales representatives, managers, coordinators, directors and other users are equipped with our application working offline. They synchronize data with the server providing new or changed offers to the main server and they receive the preview of other offers or approval requests – depending on authority and competences level in offer approval area. In addition, users have access to updated customers and products base imported from the ERP system.

Every new offer receives „in progress” status, whenever it is complete the status is changed to “not approved”. Then offer is delivered to the right person, according to the competences algorithm, where it can be “approved” or “rejected”. Approved offers are then sent to the customer in the previously implemented way. As soon as customer accepts the offer, status is changed to “for processing”. Special mechanisms track and automatically transfers those offers to ERP system, thanks to special RFC function. If the offer is “rejected” or “in progress” the process is repeated.

The system covers the whole, sophisticated organization structure, including regions, coordinators etc. Each user, depending on group affiliation, has own authorization for preview, edition and change approval. Moreover users can change offers status. At any time, it is possible to check what is happening with an offer, check current status and person responsible. System is based on .NET technology, stores data on MS SQL server and uses web service for data transfer.

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