Price reduction application

Price reduction application

Another project performed for the Engelhorn company was a creation of a mobile application dedicated to products price reductions (sales). That solution is used mostly in a networks of large shopping malls, where a price reduction is taking place hundreds of times every day.

Personnel is equipped with an advanced mobile devices with a built in barcode scanner and a price tag printer. The price reduction process is performed by scanning products original price tag, reducing the price and printing out a new self-adhesive tag automatically. Information about discounted products is immediately sent to the sales system which updates the price of the products in the points of sale (POS)


Application allows fast price reduction of the group of similar products matching specified criteria. Thanks to online operation, application has an access to the updated information about products and prices. Price reduction in one branch will cause an automatic system response of updating information in other branches.


System is based on .NET technology, works on Windows CE platform, stores data on MS SQL server and uses web service for data transfer.

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