Post-sales service

Post-sales service

Westernacher Poland created a complete system supporting after-sales service management of J. J. Darboven coffee machines. The system supports the whole service process. From receiving service requests until signing the protocol.

Service requests are received directly from customers who noticed malfunction, from sales representatives or from service personnel visiting customers. Requests are also generated by the system according to the machine maintenance schedule. Service requests from customers are accepted and recorded by the customer service department (service desk). Qualified and experienced personnel with a broad technical knowledge provide guidelines and try to solve problems remotely. Therefore, the amount of service visits is radically reduced.

Service requests that cannot be solved remotely, are registered in the system. Service desk personnel describes the malfunction, plans and assigns relevant tasks to appropriate servicemen, depending on the status, customer type, malfunction priority and available resources.

Every serviceman works remotely equipped with tablets (or other mobile device) using service application working offline. The application exchanges data with a server (synchronize), transfers information about completed tasks and updates the list of tasks to perform. Incoming tasks contain complete information concerning type of request (installation, repair, removal, etc.), customer, malfunction, service history, etc. Upon arrival, the serviceman opens the task, investigates the case, repairs, replaces parts, performs maintenance etc.

Every activity is registered in the system and added to the service database. If it is impossible to perform a repair on-site, serviceman is entitled to exchange machine and take damaged one to the workshop. As a result, the application generates a new task assigned to a serviceman responsible for workshop repairs. If the machine is repaired on-site, a serviceman receives a report from the system including used spare parts, performed tasks, time of repair, etc. and together with a customer confirms and signs an after-service protocol.

At each stage of the process a service request receives corresponding status. Thanks to application, a serviceman is able to manage service requests efficiently, schedule work of other serviceman and have overview on every service request.

Our system is a part of larger system, supporting most of business processes including sales representatives management system, help desk support, customer care system etc. System is based on .NET technology, works on Windows CE platform, stores data on MS SQL server and uses web service for data transfer.

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