Near-Shore Services

Near-Shore Services

Due to the increasing complexity and integration of business management solutions ,it becomes difficult for the companies to successfully manage SAP projects without external support. While the cost benefits of off-shore services might be considered, these sources may not always be the best solution for companies requiring flexibility and more customized solutions. For example cultural differences, language barriers, different time zones and lack of insight into a project status might decide about the success and quality and time implementation.

Westernacher’s Poland near-shore services combine the benefits of a local supplier such as proximity and knowledge of the business environment with attractive pricing. We have wide near-shore expertise combined with extensive project experience. LSTs’ near-shore service is an excellent alternative for customers who are looking for additional SAP resources whenever they have overflow work or needs support in certain application area.

How can you benefit from our services:
  • lower cost of implementation
  • risk free cooperation and professional support
  • an adaptive solution for unforeseen changes in the project
  • predictable cost for future changes
  • lower cost and shorter time of transport when on-site support is needed
We support many clients from our company located in Sopot, north part of Poland with very good international communication facilities. Our near-shore approach combined with SAP solutions expertise and project roll-out know-how allows to provide smooth and professional delivery and process quality.

In years of near shore history, we have evolved our value proposition from being strongly supported in delivering services from a nearby location, to one that helps our clients to globalize their IT operations, reduce the complexity of service management, optimize cost and support the evolution of the business.

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