Near-Shore Development

Near-Shore Development

Offshore software development engagements veer off course for a wide-variety of reasons. Chief among them are misunderstandings between project team members, infrequent communication, language and cultural barriers, poor use of development methodology, unrealistic productivity goals, a lack of transparency, a lack of frequent documentation and infrequent code reviews. The nearshore IT team at Westernacher Poland eliminates these problems while also providing supplemental benefits.

We support our customers by SAP implementation, SAP release or by SAP consolidation platforms by taking over remote development tasks, such as SAP Add-ons, customer programs, frameworks, trailing modifications etc.

Westernacher Poland works on latest technologies and tools from the world leaders in IT industry. Our developers use technology platforms from the SAP product portfolio. To meet complex requirements of our clients Westernacher’s experts create integrated solutions based on SAP NetWeaver ABAP, java, Microsoft, .NET and various BI platforms.

Our project languages are basically English and Polish. Our developers use specialized technical language for solving the customer's requests or problems. They create specific necessary documentation in English or Polish and also talk to their counterparts in their language.

Thanks to their significant language and economic-based knowledge, our developers are capable of taking over development tasks sent in by our customers, without receiving detailed specifications in the first place. Iterative work in mixed teams with our customers is sustained by the use of high-end communication tools and devices such as video conference and other collaboration tools.

Our Customers:

TJX Europe, MMX US, Pipelife Group

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