Nearshore Consulting

Nearshore Consulting

Westernacher Poland is the best nearshore partner you can choose to turn your ideas and needs into working software products. Over time, we have successfully assisted other companies by creating the software solution they need from the scratch. Most of these companies didn’t have a prior or extensive background in developing software products, so we were able to take charge of every single step to create the product by providing the best human resources to achieve their expectations.

Our basic project languages are English and Polish, however we can offer German and French speaking project coordinators at your service. Our consultants use specialized technical language for solving the customer's requests and problems. Thanks to their significant language and economic-based knowledge, our consultants are capable of taking over development tasks sent in by our customers, without receiving detailed specifications. Remote work in mixed teams with our customers consultants is sustained by the use of high-end communication tools and devices such as video conference and other collaboration tools in order to support the cooperation. In order to reduce the response time and enhance communication and control, LST provides dedicated online help desk support application or cooperation using customers solutions.

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If you have any inquiries, please contact us by email or phone +48 58 55 00 263.