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Mobile solutions

With workforces increasingly on the road or away from their desk, many companies are likely to invest within the next 5 years in mobile applications and technology to deliver decision-relevant information to employees. Massive potential for business process improvement, proven ROI and short implementation cycles can appear to make the decision to jump onto the mobile technology bandwagon relatively straightforward. Investing in mobile technology is not easy however:
  • Target devices tend to have differing operating systems, input mechanisms, screen resolutions etc.
  • Constantly changing business requirements and rapidly evolving device eco-systems necessitate frequent application upgrades and additions
  • Mobile infrastructure maintenance leads to relatively high support and service costs
  • Maintaining data security is challenging

Westernacher Poland has a proven track record of helping global customers with:
  • Mobile technology selection and sourcing
  • End-to-end business process design and optimization
  • Integrating mobile technology with leading ERP systems
  • Mobile application development and deployment.

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