Dedicated solutions

Dedicated solutions

Standard systems are often considered too general, and needs tailoring to fit the organization perfectly. Custom application development comprises different phases, from planning, mapping of requirements, analysis and design, implementation, testing and deployment. The development process benefits from being agile in order to meet changing demands throughout the process.

In order to meet the customer’s requirements, Westernacher Poland focuses on a few established technical and methodical frameworks and technical platforms like .NET, Java and Microsoft.

In close cooperation with the company, we make sure to identify opportunities, risks, and clarify the company's needs and business requirements. And we match them optimally with the most appropriate technologies and best functionality. Many years of experience in usability and simplification of processes ensure that the company gets transparent solutions with immediate visible value creation.

We gather all information and prepare a report with analysis of needs for the further process, our observations, recommendations and how to get started with the realization of the strategy for business use and exploitation of suggested application.

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