Complaints management

Complaints management

Westernacher Poland created complete complaint management system dedicated to Pipelife Poland. Our system integrates the entire process, from registering the complaint by the user, through assigning it to a decisive person, gathering of relevant information, until the decision to admit it or not. Users are equipped with our application working offline and synchronize data with the main server.

While registering new complaint, the user fills in the required data describing the case, assigns the right category and chooses from the list the person responsible for the complaint process. After data exchange, the complaint is sent to that persons special mailbox. In the next step, complaint is assigned to the person responsible for examining it, analyzing the case and registering results in the system. Based on the report, the person responsible for the complaint process makes decision concerning admitting the complaint or not.

It is possible to check the status of complaint at any time. However the response time is tracked automatically by the system by assigning adequate color (status) to a certain position.
System is based on .NET technology, stores data on MS SQL server and uses web service for data transfer.

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