Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Management of IT applications, planning and implementation of new business projects are extremely important, not only for the proper functioning of IT department, but also for the efficiency of the entire organization. We support our customers in the process of creating IT strategy, IT projects evaluation, selection of the appropriate system and assure the quality of project development.

IT project planning

Selection of IT solutions perfectly matching and supporting the business goals of the company and creating the right schedule of the implementation are the key factors of IT efficiency in the long term. Therefore, the methodological and professional execution of these tasks is extremely important for the final quality of the system. Our experience shown that the support of the independent consulting company in the area of project development can greatly reduce the risk of failure and minimize implementation difficulties.
LST offers a package of services in the area of IT project planning, including:
Creating IT strategy:
  • performing current IT environment analysis
  • transformation of the Clients business goals into IT goals
  • the proper selection of IT projects, enabling achieving these goals
  • analysis of the validity of chosen solutions.
Pre-implementation analysis:
  • analysis of the validity of IT project implementation
  • creation and evaluation of the functional objectives of the new system
  • evaluation of the tenders
  • support in formulating the guidelines for the implementation agreement,/li>
  • support in scheduling and budgeting the project.

Our Customers:

Animex Sp. z o.o., Dr Cordesmeyer Sp. z o.o., The National Depository for Securities S.A., Vattenfall Poland Sp. z o.o., Visotec Socha Sp. z o.o.


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