Roll-out projects support

Roll-out projects support

The typical SAP system roll-out is usually performed by foreign IT consultants from the company that provides consulting services for the Group. In order to minimize the risk associated with the lack of knowledge concerning Polish law, regulations and language, it is a good practice to use the support and experience of Polish consulting companies. Successful roll-out project implementation is possible with proper expertise in the Polish accounting and tax law, experience in Polish business practices, consultants fulltime availability and commitment and the lack of language misunderstandings.

From our experience, even if the SAP system roll-out is performer by the local consultants from the IT company that is the main provider of the consulting services for the Group, the several problems might still occur:
  • consultants reluctance to consider Polish specifications in the project,
  • brief approach to the process of analyzing differences,
  • lack of time for proper users training according to system specifics, in the situation of simultaneous implementations in a number of companies in the Group.

Our offer

Based on this experience LST offers two types of roll-out project support:
Full support of roll-out implementations, which includes the following services:
  • the company and system documentation analysis,
  • in case of lack of documentation – identifying the system and creating system documentation,
  • preparation of Differences Analysis document,
  • SAP ERP system implementation according to the model developed in the Group, including local modifications,
  • trainings for both key and end users using working Groups’ system or LST’s training installations,
  • preparation of user manuals based on processes implemented in the process,
  • technical support at every stage of project,
  • on-site or remote post-implementation support.
Audit and local support of roll-out implementations, which includes the following services:
  • supervision and coordination of implementation team, resulting in providing periodic reports for Management, including work evaluation, identification and minimization of risks,
  • documentation analysis, created during compliance between documentation and good practices of implementation,
  • workshops familiarizing Staff with the nuances of the functioning system,
  • individual counseling for employees, explaining the system design assumptions,
  • perform minor configuration changes, not included in the original roll-out assumptions,
  • post-implementation support for the employees.
LST provides roll-out services with the full cooperation with foreign consultants.

Our customers

Flsmidth Maag Gear Sp. z o.o., EUROGAZ-GDYNIA Sp. z o.o., Cadbury.plc, UCB Pharma.

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