Personal team of programmers

We have at our disposal teams of experienced ABAP, NetWeaver, Java, C# and NET programmers. Thanks to which we can develop the existing solutions using technologies such as SAP Fiori and HTML5, fully customized to the needs of the Customer.


We are perfectly aware that not all can be anticipated prior to the commencement of the project. Our goal is to successfully implement the system. We strive to act flexibly while maintaining a high quality of work.

Post-implementation support

System implementation is only the first step in streamlining processes in the company; therefore, our team of experienced consultants will remain at the Customer’s disposal even after the completion of the implementation.

Experienced project team

In our team, we focus on the experience of consultants, many of whom have been associated with SAP for more than 10 years. The knowledge acquired over this period clearly translates in to the quality of work performed.

Dedicated system for managing notifications

For several years, we have been developing systems for managing notifications - thanks to which our customers can be rest assured that no problem would go unnoticed. The notification system will immediately, upon resolving the notification send you an email with the information

Dedicated training

We believe that effective training of the Customer's employees after the completion of the implementation is one of the key elements in maximizing the benefits of choosing a new software. Therefore, during our training you will also receive dedicated materials related to the use of the system and documentation on the software

Dedicated solutions

Our customers often seek customized, comprehensive solutions for enterprise management. Our team is capable of preparing dedicated solutions, taking into account the specificity of the industry, customers and market. Our dedicated systems may be integrated with existing solutions in the enterprise. We develop dedicated applications on computers, tablets, smartphones as well as solutions based on web browsers.